Chris Greaves

We are very sorry to report the death of our local party chair Chris Greaves. Chris was diagnosed with leukaemia and sadly his health deteriorated very rapidly.

17 Jul 2015

Election day mix-up in Epping

112 voters were unable to vote for the candidates they wanted in the Town Council elections on May 7. Early voters at Pelly Court and Allnutts were given ballot papers for candidates in the St John's ward and voters at Epping Hall and the URC had ballot papers for Hemnall candidates. All these papers were regarded as spoilt papers when the count took place.

20 May 2015
Cheering (LD Facebook image)

Voting Lib Dem? Three simple things to do

Show your support on Facebook by attending the 'I'm voting Lib Dem' Facebook event. Sign up to this Thunderclap to share a message about voting Lib Dem on the eve of poll. Join the fantastic Team 2015 group of volunteers here.

3 May 2015